Patchwork Cushion

Posted 0n: October 20th, 2014 | Workshops

Saturday, 1st November 2014 – Handmade cushions make brilliant gifts. Once you learn how to make this simple and beautiful patchwork cushion, everyone will want one! Select fabric and colours to suit your special someone. No zips, no buttons, no velcro required!   Date: Saturday, 1st November 2014 Time: 9:30am – 12.30pm Cost: $35 (plus requirements), . . . Read More »

Paper Piecing Pincushion

Posted 0n: October 20th, 2014 | Workshops

Saturday, 8th November 2014 – Why paper piecing? Well, it is easy, fun and helps you create complex blocks with ease. Once you have a go, you’ll find that it’s one of the easiest techniques to create precise points, and perfect for small blocks with intricate angles. A great skill to add to your repertoire of . . . Read More »

Let’s Try Crochet

Posted 0n: October 20th, 2014 | Workshops

Saturday, 15th November 2014 – Crochet is definitely an art that is being revived. While a stick with a hook at one end and a pile of yarn may not seem like it has much potential, the possibilities are actually endless when you give crocheting a try. Bernie will show you the fundamentals to start . . . Read More »

Four Corners Apron

Posted 0n: October 20th, 2014 | Workshops

Saturday 22nd November 2014 – This square apron is quick-to-make and perfect for the beginning sewer but clever enough to appeal to advanced sewers. This apron will take on the personality of the fabric! You just need to decide whether its contemporary, funky, cottage, barbecue or Christmas! By the way, it’s very comfortable AND flattering! . . . Read More »

Saturday Sewing Studio @ Stephs

Posted 0n: May 8th, 2014 | Workshops

Very beginner friendly lessons Want to learn how to sew clothing, a new bag or just how to put in a zipper better? It’s all possible in our Saturday Sewing Studio class. Simply decide on a project of your choice and we’ll help you learn how to cut, measure and stitch. Try some of our . . . Read More »

Silk Ribbon Embroidery with Bernie Varkevisser

Posted 0n: November 1st, 2013 | Workshops

Work at your own pace! Dates for 2014 are now in! Join Bernie V and this group of vibrant and welcoming women to learn how to fold, twist, stitch and knot silk ribbons into fantastic embroidery art. In each lesson you will be introduced to the basics and move onto more advanced procedures. You can . . . Read More »

2014 Finishing School @ Stephs

Posted 0n: November 1st, 2013 | Workshops

Here’s the perfect solution for those of you who need a little bit of structure and support to finish or start your projects. Why not set aside one day (or a morning) each month for most of the year and join our knowledgeable teacher Kathy, who will provide you with her usual cheerful encouragement to . . . Read More »

Ink & Spindle Quilt

Posted 0n: August 17th, 2011 | Workshops

Our Ink & Spindle Quilt kits are just amazing. It is so refreshing to sew without rules. This workshop helps you decide how to cut, sew and personalise your kit and make a completely original design. BEGINNER FRIENDLY Would you like to do a workshop with this kit? Let us know if you’re interested.

Create a Workshop

Posted 0n: January 16th, 2011 | Workshops

This is your opportunity to design your own workshop. If there is a particular stitching skill you would like to learn or the timing for a particular class hasn’t worked out, talk to your friends, gather together a group of at least 5 people and we will attempt to set up a date for you. . . . Read More »

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