Drop a Mother’s Day Hint

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Not long now till Mother’s Day. Those loved ones of yours may need some gentle prodding in the ideas department so they can demonstrate just how much they appreciate you. Don’t be shy in dropping hefty hints like these…

1. Appreciation shown in the form of a new BERNINA sewing machine is worth quite a few favourite dinners and clean undies, don’t you agree? (even if they’ve saved hundreds of dollars buying it during the BERNINA Mother’s Day sale at Steph’s)

2. Time out at one of Steph’s workshops is a lot more relaxing and fun than a Zumba class.

3. What about a gift voucher? Means you can come in to Steph’s and choose for yourself!

4. And of course, there’s always the burnt toast in bed option. Afterall, it’s the thought that counts!

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