Ink & Spindle arrives and then sells out!

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You may remember from last years newsposts that Steph and Sandy went to Melbourne to meet the girls at Ink & Spindle. Click here to read the post. Well, Steph ordered meterage and Ink & Spindle printed to order. They were so excited about finally receiving it last year they took this photo (slightly lame?!) Anyway, Steph and the girls made a quilt from an assortment of the beautiful fabric. Check it out below.

Subsequently the fabrics have practically sold out (only a few fat quarters left). Luckily Steph has placed another order (which I expect will be received with another lame photo?) So be sure to come by the shop to have a look at the quilt and maybe purchase an Ink & Spindle fat quarter to make a cushion for your couch. Can’t wait for Ink & Spindle delivery number 2.

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