Lynne Wilson – a special guest tutor at Steph’s

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Lynne Wilson, is a very special guest tutor at Steph’s. She has become a dear friend and colleague, and we love working together to deliver workshops and creative projects.

Lynne Wilson

Her classes here are always booked out and the feedback is extremely positive. We are always encouraged to include Lynne’s workshops as a big feature in our annual workshop list. She is dynamic, talented, knowledgeable and such a very generous teacher.

This year, 2014, we wanted to give our customers a chance to try some small contemporary sewing projects, explore different sewing techniques and truly get excited playing with colour and form.

Lynne has perfected efficient methods for making beautiful quilts, both in time and fabric – be it traditional, funky brights, modern or retro. In her workshops she will teach you how to combine fabrics to take your quilts or projects go from ordinary to extraordinary. Whatever your own skill level from newbie to advanced, you will always get something new out of her classes, such as:-

You may not immediately recognise the name – but most of you will have crossed paths with Lynne at some time.

We love Lynne Wilson, and we are sure you will too. So, if you haven’t attended one of her workshops then be sure to book in to her next workshop at Steph’s.


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