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On Friday 8th August 2014, we were ready for our second Sew pampered weekend. After our great success with Lynne Wilson last month, we wanted to invite three of our talented sewing tutors Kathy Burke, Cheryl Love and Samantha Dryden to demonstrate their favourite projects. Amy Booker from Broulee Beach Wellness Centre was back again as the exquisite pamper tutour – giving everyone their daily relaxing massages, and demonstrating some fabulous stretches. Steph was busy at the back of house preparing yummy lunches and treats, making sure that all the breaks were served on time and that the champagne was popped to mark the end of the day.

Our shop came alive with nine enthusiastic ‘sew-artists’! Smiles all round and oh what fun they had. The first morning was with Kathy guiding everyone to make a straightforward and effective patched cushion cover, that everyone finished! WooHoo.

The afternoon session saw the machines put away and the wool felt hand stitching project came out. Cheryl guided the group of sewists through the gentle art of embroidery, creating a lovely wool felt pincushion. The pampering continued with more massages, and there is always time for afternoon tea. To celebrate the end of the day, champagne and cheese was served for the anticipated Happy Hour! Cheers girls.

The fun continued on Saturday with Samantha Dryden sharing some lovely techniques of how to sew in the ‘Alabama Chanin style’. The feedback was ‘awesome’, ‘fantastic’, ‘so creative’, ‘beautiful’, ‘learnt a new skill’, and to sum it up… ‘it has such a lovely rhythm’.

Thanks to all our sewist’s who attended Sew Pampered with us – we’ve loved sewing and pampering with you. Sew… if you ‘want what she’s having’ then please join us at our next Sew Pampered at Steph’s. Click here for details on our next Sew Pampered – Contemporary and creative.



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